Tips for advertisers
Few words to make your offers and ads work better
We used to spend thousand of dollars on paid ads of facebook, google ads or via affiliate programs to reach users but we do nothing to make them stay. If you don't want your budgets to be spent pointlessly pay attention on this tips.
Speed Matters
We know how irritating the ping/loading can be. According to Nielsen Norman group research you have only 59 seconds to capture your users' attention. So how are you going to succeed if your page loading takes half of this time?
Respect your user
You can't even imagine how many users you lose when ignoring user experience. Try to make your website or app interface intuitive, provide clear option of closing unwanted ads and pay all your attention to analytics - such metrics as time on page, bounce rate, depth of scroll etc. will help you to improve your inventory.
Work with trustworthy networks & media agencies
Advertising market is overloaded by numerous ad networks, half of them are rogues, half sell fraud traffic. Always ask references, start small budget campaigns and use anti fraud software.
Always do the tests
You never know what will work better for you. One word, new banner or background color - everything can change everything. Keep trying to optimize your ads. If you need smth to start with here are some advice for you:
  1. The best performing banner sizes in affiliate marketing are:

    - 300x250 banners perform good on all devices and resolutions;
    - 336x280 would work better on high resolution devices;
    - 300x50 work great in footers,

  2. When writing texts for you ads remember the most popular words used in best performing ads: Your, Free, Now, Get, Online, Save, Best, Shipping, You.
    N.B. Please try not to make your text ad be like "Your free get now".

  3. If you use call-to-action in your ads notice that best performing one is "get", than "buy, shop, try, learn, build and sign up" go. While "click" never performs well.
Liia Sheinina
Co-Founder & CMO
Kosmiqs LLC