Odesa Fine Arts Museum is located in Odesa city center, in one of the most beautiful buildings of the city. The museum is open since October, 24,1899.

OFAM collection is considered to be one of the most significant and diverse in Ukraine. It currently numbers more than 10 000 objects of fine arts including artworks of famous artists Ivan Aivazovskyi, Iliia Riepin, Isaak Levitan, Vasyl Surikov, Myhailo Vrubel, Valentyn Sierov, Mykola Reryh, Zinaida Serebriakova, Kostiantyn Somov, Natalia Goncharova, Vasyl Kandynskyi and many others.

Due to historical, political and economical context museums in Ukraine are challenging to gain resources for development and sustainability. User-friendly websites are still hard to find among Ukrainian museums. We were searching for experienced partners for website optimization and constant support in design, layout, etc. who could share our values and aims for cultural development of local community. After series of meetings with local web agencies we found Kosmiqs agency who shared our vision and were willing to make personal commitment in communication of Odesa fine arts museums.

We are happy to recommend this agency as reliable partners, always facing deadlines even though they are working with the museum on Low-Bono basis.

Alexandra Kovalchuk
Deputy Development Director at OFAM
I really enjoyed working with Kosmiqs last fall. Our request was to make a thematic photo shoot of clothes intended for fishing, camping and tourism. Most of all, I liked shooting in the forest near the estuary. We captured both – picnic and fishing process. There was a lot of work, and time was always running out because the sun was about to set. However, thanks to the team's well-coordinated work and preparation, we managed to finish on time, and, of course, ate our picnic dishes. I still remember the taste of those sausages at the stake! And the photos were on fire! Working with Kosmiqs guys was very easy and cool. They always know how to do their job well and are fully committed to their process, which inspires me a lot. To anyone, who needs social media marketing and is looking for Guru in such a difficult theme, I recommend contacting Kosmiqs.
P.S. Kosmiqs, I'm waiting for new shoots with you!

A team of responsible professionals who know how to solve customer problems in the fastest and most efficient way. I am fully satisfied and recommend them without any doubts!
Tania Bondar
Inspirer, Owner, Customer Service at Mamalama

My request was to develop a new logo and ad banners for the company in which I used to work.

Friends have advised Kosmiqs to do the job and I have decided to contact them.

I am very happy with everything, that turned out, we've got excellent result with minimum of changes needed and it was done quickly enough.

Despite how fast it was done, the work was done really well. The CTR of banners in google display network has grown significantly.

I highly recommend Kosmiqs to those, who work with advertising, relying on the visual component of it.

Karina Rubinstein
Best Radio Israel
I am glad that marketers not only know the market but also respect the values in the work process. Thank you for consulting I came up with many ideas)
Stanislav Rico
Head at PMA Odesa Hub

They are very flexible in their work

Kosmiqs manage a Facebook page for a bookstore. Their team plans and curates content. They place images and videos to reach a larger audience

Kosmiqs efforts have increased audience reach by 150%. Their team has garnered traffic to the Facebook page. Flexible and reliable, their team works fast and communicates effectively.

Oleksandr Melnyk
Owner of READ MORE bookstore

Kosmiqs technical knowledge and direct communication yielded top-notch results.

Kosmiqs led a promotion campaign for a mobile application to increase its number of installations, target actions, and in-app sales.

The mobile app saw significant increases in installation rates, in-app purchases, and social media followers. Kosmiqs led a smooth collaboration thanks to constant communication and regular updates. Their technical expertise stood out the most.

Maksim Kostenko
CEO FunriseStudio
Thank you! Very much! I was looking for design services but found everything I need: design & marketing. The company works comprehensively and this saved me a lot of time.
Irene Ivasishin
Thank you for a great job. You are high-level professionals!
Alexandra Jeceva
Are you looking for a marketing agency? This is what you need. Great job. Highly recommend.
Andrew Grabik
I got guidance on Facebook targeting and now waiting for the first campaign results)) I enjoyed attentiveness and positive climate. I got all the answers I need not been charged for every extra word. I felt that guys really wanted to help me to reach my goals.
Anastasia Mladinskaya
Professional and individual approach from the team is guaranteed. Thank you for the high-quality analytics of our project in FB / inst
Viktoria Zhuravel
Hi everyone who ever worked or is planning to work with this team! ✊🏽
I can undoubtedly recommend this agency if you need marketing services. Besides my personal sympathy for every team member and to the whole company I want to outline some points:
TERMS: While the irresponsibility becomes pretty much a rule of the market, these guys are the opposite. What was said, was done. Always on time! Need some advice? Just call and get it now. Need to change some plans? You get the estimates and all things done. Believe me, that's a lot.)
SYSTEM! A systematic approach in everything from signing a contract to regular reporting. Everything is clear, open, sensible. A clear, step-by-step strategy with many nuances in mind ... The answers to all questions about the strategy are detailed. Kosmiqs will come in handy when you have the right level of company or project and are ready to partner with such a service. Reliably! Professional! That's it!
And I don't get paid for this review!)))
Wish you good luck to work with this pleasant, communicative and professional team 👍
Mykyta Kruk
I'm completely satisfied

Kosmiqs LLC created a marketing strategy for a retail showroom to increase its online presence and sales. They now manage the client's social media profiles—such as Instagram—and marketing activities.

The client is happy with Kosmiqs LLC's work, leading to more work for the team. They excel at communicating and responding quickly to any inquiries, no matter the time of day. That combined with their ability to provide high-quality results has led to an enjoyable partnership.
Julia Gintsevich
Retail, Showroom with clothes