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Why building a community of like-minded people is a perfect marketing tool and how to build one of your own?

For small businesses and especially for art and cultural initiatives – everything starts from the community of people, who share your values or at least like the same things. Otherwise, why even bother creating a product without imagining the potential customer? An important thing, though, is to keep working for and with that initial audience to make sure it becomes a community. And here is how it can help you to promote your product or service.

1. When you communicate with people via offline events or online activities – you understand their demand better. Thus, a little cafe can catch an exciting idea about new positions on a menu or find out that they need a table for bigger companies on the summer terrace.
This is more than just asking for regular feedback. People, who feel like you are on the same page, are more likely to share ideas about virtually anything related to your business.
Meanwhile, you can communicate the changes while promoting the product to new potential customers.

2. Members of your community become the ambassadors of your brand.
People who buy yearly memberships in local museums often do so not only because they like art and events, but also because they want to spend time with the like-minded. If the museum works well in helping those people meet each other, they will feel pleased and special enough to become ambassadors. These are the kind of people, who are reposting your news on social media, wear branded clothes and accessories, invite friends and family to your events. As long as they feel like a part of the family – they will keep helping you develop the business.

3. You feel safe building your communication strategy as you always have people, who can give the initial feedback. Your community becomes your best adviser when it comes to risky or creative ideas.

Okay, at this point it should be clear how having a community helps you to promote your product. Yet, another question appears, – how does one build a community?

If you read carefully, you could already have noticed several tips. They are:

  • Talk to people, who have visited your place or bought something from you more than once, and try to really listen to what they say.
  • Help people with similar hobbies, life situations or jobs meet and get to know each other.
  • Create events or activities (including those online) to let people show their appreciation of your brand. It can be a massive feedback session, a networking party, some kind of workshop.

A good example of community-centered business is a company that sells perhaps the world’s best and most known coffee machines and grinders, – La Marzocco. They have been having coffee making workshops and championships since the beginning of its existence.

They have turned the initial factory and headquarters place near Florence, Italy, into the Accademia del Caffè Espresso – global education and innovation center dedicated to specialty coffee. Just amazing how developing the industry while building a community of coffee lovers has helped the company to scale up its business.

Our Kosmiqs team has also witnessed how helpful it is for us as marketing experts to work with businesses that have built a community. We always go out and talk to the audience, we become part of the family to come up with the best promotion strategy. When we were helping local Chaynaya Theatre to raise an indicator of the average user reach and reaction per post, our team has visited the shows, rehearsals and closed events for theatre lovers. It helped us to create posts reaching significantly more audience without spending too much budget money.

So keep up talking to your customers and good luck in building your own community!