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Design trends 2020

Good design is born when the creator understands the project's features and feels what the current period of time is about. Trends always describe the spirit of the era, distinguish the weakest or the most important points of the surrounding world. And that’s the key to main trends being so popular and influential.

So, maybe some of the current 2020's trends may help you to reach your design purposes?

Minimalist trend has been around for a few years already but it still remains extremely popular among the community. In the world overloaded with visual pollution and ads shouting from every corner, the "less is more" approach gives a break for our senses. 

By Humaan
By Humaan - https://humaan.com/case-study/unios/

Although minimalism may seem to be a simple way of designing, in fact it's not. It's a well-thought-out compound of main visual elements, a room for negative space and limited amount of colors. 

Advantages of minimalism help to draw your customers' attention to the point you want to highlight, whether it is used on packaging, websites or social media creatives. If you want to focus on the product itself or convey the mood of simplicity, then minimalism will be a wise choice. 

Feeling like your business should stand out as a rebel? Then go for brutalism in your visual identity!

By The Outline
By The Outline - https://theoutline.com

You might assume that is just a lack of “vanil” aesthetics, but behind the facade it has more reasons. It's a challenge of breaking the common rules and an attempt to refresh visual surroundings. Brutalism is also related to looking back to the late 90s and simple HTML-websites with sharp shapes. 

Big harsh fonts, bright caustic colors, unexpected hierarchy and rough sincerity about every element being exactly what it is — that’s how we would briefly describe brutalism.

Sometimes checking such websites makes you feel uncomfortable, but they definitely catch your eye, don’t they?

Back to origins
Trends, as well as fashion, are cyclic. Old polaroid photos, cyberpunk vibes from 80s movies, grunge street art makes us excited even if some of us have never experienced those times in person (say hello, generation Z).

By Vuk N.
By Vuk N - https://99designs.com/profiles/vukn

This reflects on design as well. Сreators tend to refer to old time aesthetics — neon lights, vintage bold fonts or easter eggs on 90s pop culture.

A common way to win over your audience is to show the story connected with the business. And a trend which services for that well is illustrations of the people interacting with the brand.
By Jiaqi Wang
By Jiaqi Wang - https://www.behance.net/jiaqiw

It doesn’t require illustrations to be hyper realistic, the point is in translating the right mood. You can neglect the proportions or natural colors but you can’t forget about emotions. It’s also a good idea to consider animation and make your graphical characters move. That will add some action to your pages.

Flat elements have been eventually overused, so it’s time for 3D-models to take the lead. 

By Mike
By Mike - https://www.behance.net/creativemints

3D adds depths to your design, mesmerizing the eyes of specific elements. It makes everything look more realistic and wakes other senses, not limited only with vision. It’s about touch, texture and structure. It’s also boosting the engagement, as no person is strong enough to refrain from clicking and researching the attracting elements.

Don’t forget that you can use both static and interactive 3D-models, so there is clearly a big field for experiments!