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Review: Summoners' War: Sky Arena

Our second review will be about one of the best mobile RPG’s I ever played - Summoners' War: Sky Arena. By the way, the game is pretty friendly to middle-performance level devices, being only 30 MB size and the graphics is minimalistic but good one. Cartoonish but not too anime-looking style will fit mostly all kind of players, you’ll get used to controls and interface easily.

So, what’s this game about? Monsters! And more monsters! Lots of different monsters! Collect them, pet them, let them become an army that will lead you to world domination, muhahahah!

Oh, and the locations are pretty beautiful. You disagree? Okay, tell us what real style is. You can build Sky Island Headquarters, personal village, it’s all yours! To make it stronger you’ll definitely need some resources. You can get some by defeating enemies and winning battles.Now let’s get back to your army. Your mission is not only to collect monsters, but to make them better. Stronger. Bigger. In order to do this, you’ll need… resources! So get back to fighting everything you can, and of course, the stronger is your opponent – the better loot you’ll be rewarded with.Tired of beating an AI ? – go fight some real players! Yes, this game has a PVP mode. You are the one to choose what challenge to face today.Also you can purchase resources for real money and enable auto play. * Sad sigh