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4 reasons why you really need to start using non-violent communication in your marketing and sales

The basic idea of any business is to meet the needs of a certain group of people (called target audience in marketing) and make their lives more wonderful by it.

How does one know the needs? Well, it is about clear communication and arranging win-win strategies with the client. No matter what you are selling, you have to listen and understand the demand. The principle of non-violent communication works perfectly to help you here.

Here is why you should fit NVC principles in your marketing and sales strategy.

1. You are getting a reputation for the company that cares.

Let’s say you are a food delivery service and due to holiday you had so many orders that one of them did not come on time. Of course, it made the customer particularly mad since he/she could have been planning a special dinner that day to make the loved ones happier.

You can offer a simple discount next time or even ignore what happened simply apologizing and stating the reasons. Anyway, you will face reputational losses. In order to avoid them, you could use the observation tool from NVC. You see a person ordering food for 4 on the holiday night, being nervous to make everyone satisfied. The better solution in dealing with negative feedback here would be to provide something for all 4 to make the customer feel very special. No matter what the failure was, if you look deeper into why the initial anger arose – you propose better decision.

Observe how you feel (see, hear, understand) the situation and how the opponent does so. Listen to understand, not to reply.

2. You are getting closer to clients while demonstrating the face of the business and its feelings.

Marketing and sales are a lot about emotions and making people feel certain needs.

So coming back to the food delivery example. If you know you get many orders for family or friends meetings on a specific holiday, you’d better demonstrate the same values of being together, being in the community and loving your close ones are important to you as well. Social media marketing could help here.

You could start posting more about your employees and their family/friends’ gatherings. Making stories on instagram about gatherings and parties and how your food is just perfect for them.

Surely, you may think, well this is obvious, I am already making all those accents in the communication. Well done! However, do you really feel it? Are you satisfied with your target audience and tone of voice? If yes, keep it up!

If no, you’d better re-examine your marketing strategy.

3. You will show the focus on specific needs and get more clients by doing so.

After you observe behaviours of clients and know what they feel make sure to meet their needs. This is about having the app if you know that most of your customers prefer to buy online, using their phones. This is about selling through a simple and easy-to-use instagram link if you know most of the buyers have come from insta page.

Meeting needs is not only about the quality of the product and how it is served, it is also about in what language it has been communicated and how many options you gave to buy.

How to examine the needs? Here you will need to learn more about analytical tools.

4. You make requests, not demand, and get better treatment by that.

If there is an exact action you want your client to take – request it, being straight and clear. So say “would you be willing to..” or “could you please do this and that.” Whatever you are asking for (payment for the purchase or asking a customer to change her/his choice), – feel comfortable making polite requests.

We advise you to learn more about NCV principles for personal and corporate needs if you feel like being ready to delve deeper. Here we have provided only basic ideas of how it could work.

Be aware of observing, feeling, focusing on needs and requesting properly and happy clients will surely be grateful for your communication!

More about the concept:

Marshall Rosenberg is the creator of the Nonviolent Communication (NVC) process. He has been developing it since the 1960s and had his own coaching center to teach thousands of businesses and people to contact themselves and with the world. The core premise of Compassionate Communication (another name for NVC) is about understanding, valuing, and meeting people’s basic human needs. NVC is far from a touchy-feely philosophy divorced from reality. Check out this video (showcased here on Upworthy) where Marshall is demonstrating how to apply NVC to very hostile situations including terrorism.